Finding local footpaths

Local footpaths near Richings Park

It’s been almost 2 months since I started working from home due the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite living just outside of London and pretty close to the M25, M4, M40 and Heathrow airport we have a surprising number of local trails and footpaths. Since moving to the area in 2014 they have always made great running, especially for the long weekend run. I thought I had found all the local routes, but with the extra at home focus I’ve turned my daily exercise into a series of footpath searching microadventures. It’s been fun making some new ‘discoveries’. While it’s nice to travel further afield, we definitely should be making better use of our local surroundings, even when the current restrictions are lifted.

The UK is very lucky to have such an established rights of way and footpath system dating back hundreds of years. They represent a wonderful connection to nature so I thought I would document some of the paths I’ve found using Strava segments. If you use the running app it’s really easy to create segments via a desktop computer.

My first recorded Strava segment… a half mile stretch that took me back to Iver and also the discovery of a beautiful meadow that I didn’t know existed that is maintained by Iver Parish Council… less than 2K from my house.

With it being so quiet I took the opportunity to follow a footpath through the local golf club. I wasn’t 100% sure about the route, but with it being quiet it was easy to pick up the path.

One of my favourite footpaths going under the railway line from Thorney Golf Club.

It’s amazing to think there is so much green space on our doorstep…. I think I’m up to about 15-20 new footpaths found during lockdown…. and I already run a lot locally. Given the continued ‘run local’ message I’m going to continue the microadventures and check out more of the footpaths that link up the Colne Valley Regional Park.

Feel free to find me on Strava for some additional routes and segments.

Additional Footpath resources

How have you been making the most of lockdown? Has your running routes changed? Add a comment, and if you haven’t got out and discovered some new footpaths today is as good a day as any! Good luck.

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