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Congratulations to all the Wolfpack 100 competitors for taking on the challenge. Don’t forget to hold onto your running number for discounts to future Wolfpack 100 events and our raffle on Tuesday night.

The Wolfpack are always coming up with ideas for new challenges, but are they any good? We have created Wolfpack Labs to seed our ideas and if we get 💯 people interested in one of them we will investigate making it happen. All projects will raise money for different good causes too.

April 24th-25th – The Big Five Running PBs Virtual Marathon Weekend

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and text that says "THE BIG FIVE RUNNING VIRTUAL MARATHON WEEKEND PBs"

Since 2020 the Wolfpack & friends have been smashing PBs as part of our Big Five Running PBs challenge. So we thought it was time to host a virtual weekend for everyone to go out and bag the big one where you live.

26.2 miles – the marathon.

We’ve all got plenty of time to train and get those legs ready for some fast miles, or maybe you’ve never run a marathon before. This is known as the best marathon you can run. A guaranteed PB!

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Escape Room Fitness Challenge

You are stuck in a dystopian future and your only escape is locked away in a box with a four digit combination lock. A fitness challenge with different levels of difficulty to be completed solo or as a team. Signup and you will receive your locked box in the post with details on how to unlock. You will have to complete four individual fitness challenges to receive each of the combination numbers to unlock the box and escape.

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Pass the Parcel

We have no real idea as to how this is going to work logistically (not to mention how to manage sensitive address data between participants), but we love the idea of either a virtual or real world pass the parcel.

Virtual – people sign-up, we work out the distance of each leg. When you’ve completed the distance you open the parcel (see what you’ve won) and then send on to the next participant.

Real world – people sign up, we work out the route, and you walk, run or bike to the destination. You open upon receipt and then work out how to pass on to the next person.

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Virtual London to Paris Triathlon

A 289 mile extreme triathlon to be completed over 100 days that you can complete by any means.


  • Must complete at least 3 different activities (run, bike, swim, row, kayak, skateboard etc.)
  • First 87 miles on land
  • Next 21 miles on ‘sea’
  • Final 181 miles on land

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Elevation Challenge

Run or hike the elevation of Mount Everest in 100 days – 8,848m (29,029ft). Completely crazy? What about the highest volcano in the solar system? Olympus Mons on Mars 25,000m (82,021ft). We’ve previously organised elevation challenges and we are looking to bring these back if there is interest.

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