1000 Ideas

Inspired by the book 168 hours written by Laura Vanderkam here is my ongoing list of 1000 ideas or thought-starters…

This isn’t a list to be sad about if I don’t achieve, but there is always more to discover, ten years ago I would never have imagined being part of the amazing Wolfpack, falling in love with a new sport, making so many new friends and racing competitively around the World. What will happen in the next ten years?

Sometimes we need to think outside what we already know…. OCR started as an idea… “that would be cool to-do” I said to myself…. and when I did my first race I was hooked. What else is out there that might have such a dramatic impact on my live?

1000 is an intentional number. The great thing about shooting big is there is no need to edit it down… any ideas that come to mind I can throw on the list and use it as a source of inspiration in the future. Who knows where it might lead…

  1. See a Kingfisher
  2. Meet a druid
  3. Take part in Cyclocross
  4. Do an Ironman
  5. Learn to hula hoop
  6. See the rings of Saturn’s through a telescope
  7. Learn the national anthem
  8. Bungee jump ✅
  9. Go to a World Cup ✅
  10. Go to the Olympics ✅
  11. Compete on Ninja Warrior
  12. Live in the mountains
  13. Present at a TED
  14. Cage dive with sharks
  15. Launch a new product
  16. Got to a Winter or Summer Solstice at Stonehenge
  17. Fly a plane
  18. Learn to do a somersault
  19. Buy a woodland
  20. Learn to pole vault
  21. Play every sport in the UK
  22. Be on a gameshow
  23. Play Chase Tag
  24. Go into space
  25. Summit Everest
  26. Play in the FA Cup
  27. Play professional football
  28. Run 100 miles in one go
  29. Sky dive (not tandem)
  30. Go paramotoring
  31. Travel from Land’s End to John O’Groats
  32. Write a book
  33. Run the Great Wall of China
  34. Walk/run the Salt March route in India
  35. Learn a language
  36. Claim an endurance “first” (a World record)
  37. Cycle as far as possible in one week
  38. Design my own house
  39. Go wild camping ✅
  40. Go wild camping on my own
  41. Go to an observatory
  42. View all five planets that you can see with a naked eye
  43. Go paragliding
  44. Take part in Dunwich Dynamo
  45. Compete in the Olympics
  46. Complete a Murph workout
  47. Take part in a multi-day adventure race